Monday, March 15, 2010

Write David Vitter

Sunday, March 14, 2010
Read this's another DEM "take-away" !!

Dear Friend,

This week I wrote President Obama a letter expressing my sincere concerns with his administration's efforts to unilaterally exclude fishing in waters off Louisiana's Coast.

President Obama has created the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force under the guise of protecting our lakes, oceans, coasts and their ecosystems and resources. This task force is working on a secret zoning plan that would give it a say over what activities get to happen on public lands and waters, and they would make these decisions without any public input.

The Obama Administration is proposing to use the most far reaching and questionable legal authority it can conjure to achieve what a handful of special interest groups have always wanted -- limiting the access of U.S. resources to U.S. citizens. And coastal states are set to suffer the economic and social impacts of an agenda-driven administration that does not have fishermen's interests in mind.

There has been virtually no public or Congressional input before using this questionable legal authority to decide to cut off fishing access. ESPN covered this issue earlier in the week and the strong outrage that is beginning to resonate throughout the country over this unbelievable activity by the administration.

Fishing is a social, cultural, and economic bellwether for the health of a great many Louisiana communities. Unilateral action by the Obama administration to sever fishing from the soul of Louisiana by zoning off our oceans arbitrarily is an outrageous federal reach into the state of Louisiana, and I assure you I'll keep fighting against it.

David Vitter
U.S. Senator
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